TechNet Wiki Team Honors 22 SE Asia MVPs for their Phenomenal Contributions towards TechNet Wiki

To recognize SE Asia MVPs contribution towards TechNet wiki and to encourage as well as motivate the current/new batch of MVPs to create local language content for TechNet wiki moving forward, Community Program Manager Lilian Quek proposed the idea of getting Corp Program Manager Tiffena Kou to award the MVPs with a signed certificate from Corp. “Thanks for this great idea. We will be delighted to send signed certificates to you.” said Tiffena.

In August, 22 SE Asia MVPs received a certificate of recognition signed by both Tiffena and Lilian for their contribution towards TechNet wiki in FY12/FY13. Apart from the certificates, Tiffena has also generously provide sponsorship for some gifts as a token of appreciation to the MVPs.

On top of that, to publicize the valuable contribution to the TechNet Wiki by SE Asia MVPs in the official TechNet Wiki blog (, 5 MVPs from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam together with Lilian were interviewed, where they shared their thoughts about TechNet wiki and personal favorites. Shared Program Manager Ed Price, “Glad to meet you, Lilian! Thanks for all your great work on impacting the international community! This is great content. Great  interviews!”

Visit the TechNet Wiki Ninjas website for the interviews:
– Part 1: Interview with CPM Lilian Quek and MVP Riwut Libinuko. Tweet
– Part 2: Interview with MVPs Nguyen Thuan and Fiqri Ismail
– Part 3: Interview with MVPs Somkiat Foongkiat and Aris Lesmana




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