XNA Guru Imparts Windows 8 Development Skills in Singapore

Apps are at the center of the Windows 8 experience. To the Developers, Windows 8 represents the most significant platform opportunity available for you to reach millions of people with your amazing Windows Store apps. With the guidance from experts, rights skills and code assets, you can create Windows Store apps to the world.

One of these experts is someone like XNA/DirectX MVP Uditha Sampath Bandara, who has just completed another round of training workshop on Windows 8 Development, held in Microsoft Singapore office, on September 8th, 2012.

This time, the training was conducted to a group of 60 students, where they learnt about how to get started building Windows 8 applications with XAM>/C#.

The agenda covered 3 segments:

  1. Introduction to Building Windows 8 Applications
  2. A Lap around the Windows 8 style Application Framework
  3. Getting Started Building XAML/C# Apps

Blog | Download his slides

Uditha shared with us that “The students were amazed with the technology capability of Windows 8, and they had really good ideas to create their own windows 8 app.” One of the students also commented that “Overall it was a great workshop. Even I’m new to this technology I had learnt lot from this workshop."




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