Windows 8 on The Cloud

Windows 8 On The Cloud Seminar is a one-day event was held on Sep 5th, 2012, open to students, leccturers, and academic staff, where several technology update for Cloud Computing Technology are covered by Indonesia Visual Studio MVP Ridi Ferdiana, who specialize in Visual Studio. The event discuss the cloud computing development in Windows Azure and Windows 8 platform.

“Attendees know about how to build cloud solution in proper way. By adopting the ALM, they can build cloud solution and relate it with their daily needs as a professional or educator. My speech covers cloud technology concept, windows azure, and visual studio 2012 cloud development.” quipped Ridi.

In this event, he talked about the cloud perspectives in ALM and showed the concept of the cloud, how Azure works, and use Visual Studio 2012 to demo the cloud ALM. 40 ICT professionals joined this event, and one of the attendees said: “Good vision with ALM, we need more workshop to proof the cloud ALM concept”

 Download slides | View Photos | Event URL 





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