Malaysia MVP Releases Layered Architecture Solution Guidance (LASG) Visual Studio extension

Layered Architecture Solution Guidance (LASG) is a software factory that offers a set of tools and guidance aimed at simplifying and accelerating the development of layered applications on Visual Studio 2012 by providing a set of solution templates and code generators. LASG enhances on the structure that is illustrated in Layered Architecture Sample for .NET and is a handy companion for beginner developers to quickly get up to speed with layering concepts.

As shared by creator Windows Azure MVP Serena Yeoh, “The latest version comes with Visual Studio 2012 support. Developers can use it to learn layering concepts and get started with building layered applications (including layered Windows Azure web applications).” Read more in her powerpuff blog

For developers who have not started using Visual Studio 2012, a down-ported version is also available as an update on the Visual Studio 2010 version.

Below are the links to the extensions:

LASG 2012 download link

LASG 2010 download link




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