Get to know SharePoint at Sri Lanka SharePoint Forum

Sri Lanka SharePoint Server MVP Joy Rathnayake presented at the SharePoint Forum Sri Lanka in Sep 12, 2012. This was an advanced session, a continuation from the previous, where he delivered on OOTB Workflows and gave an introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows, which was very well received.

imageJoy said: “Sri Lanka has a very big developer community and it’s growing rapidly. With the latest release of SharePoint – SharePoint 2010, we noticed lot of developers were trying to shift from ASP.NET web development to SharePoint development. Most of the SharePoint implementations have some sort of Business Process Management with either out-of-the-box workflows or SharePoint Designer workflows. Based on the past session feedback we received, they were keen on seeing some advanced things around workflow development using SharePoint Designer so that they can go back and try to implement their real business process scenarios using SharePoint Designer without worrying about writing code.”

He covered an introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows and topics such as List workflows, Site workflows and Reusable workflows, and also discussed about Parallel and Impersonation Steps, Initiation form variables and generating an InfoPath Form using SharePoint Designer 2010.

15 attendees came for the session and overall feedbacks from the attendees said they wanted even more advanced demos during the next session.  

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