14 SE Asia MVPs Step Up for English Step by Step Content Creation (SBS CC) Initiative

In September, Community Program Manager Lilian Quek worked alongside with the ECO Site Managers (Charles Lin, Jeong Won Oh and Jieun Lee) to help drive and recruit MVPs for the English Step by Step Content Creation project in the 4 different regions – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

A total of 14 MVPs (4 Indonesia, 2 Malaysia, 5 Singapore and 3 Philippines) were recruited to help create content in the English Language for the Microsoft Support website every month via the BEMIS tool.

The first batch of English Step by Step Content creation kicked off in late September and the completed articles will be reviewed by Volunteer MVPs before it gets published in the Microsoft Support website

The MVPs volunteers include

Indonesia; Ridi Ferdiana; Raddini Rahayu; Aprizon Nozyra; M Reza Faisal

Malaysia: Chan Ming Man; Patrick Yong

Singapore: Toong Yang Lo; Rene Modery; Sainath K.E.V; Steve Sofian; Jay Paloma

Philippines: Leo Lorenzo Luis; Roman Canlas; Jay Pilarta

This project is open to all Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines MVPs and we welcome more volunteers to join in this initiative to help create content for the community!

Feel free to contact CPM Lilian Quek if you are keen to help out in this initiative!



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