7 Singapore MVPs Delivered 38% of Deep Dive Sessions at FY13 Q1 Mega Partner Briefing Event Wowing Over 1150 attendees!


Organized by Microsoft Singapore SMSP Team, the Launch for FY13 Q1 Mega Partner Briefing was held at the Singapore Expo Hall, on Sep 12th, 2012, with a mega turn-out of 1150 attendees.  The full day event comprises of  10 Keynotes, 5 Power Breakouts comprising of 18 Deep Dive sessions and 27 experts (Microsoft and MVPs) sharing deep insights on the key technologies including Cloud, Windows Phone, XBOX, Kinect on Windows, SmartGlass, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012 and Office 2013.

7 Singapore MVPs participated in this FY13 Q1 Mega Partner Briefing event and delivered 38% of the deep dive sessions for Pre-sales, ISVs & SI, Licensing and Cloud from Level 100-300. A great highlight was that the Windows 8 MVP Video Stunt titled ‘8 Reasons Windows 8 in 8 Different Languages’ was used by David Tang, Partner Territory Manager as the opening video for the CPLS Windows 8 Demo Champion Segment at this Mega Partner Briefing event. (Note: We are unable to share the Win8 MVP Video stunt URL widely for now due to Corp PR’s guidelines on publishing Windows 8 Videos.)

The SE Asia MVP Team interviewed 4 of the MVP speakers on their experience for this event.

imageMVP Daniel Mar explained that his session on ‘Changing the Virtualization Landscape with Windows Server 2012’ was focused on demos, where he delivered on “Live demos on Windows 2012 focusing on the new Server Manager and new features of Hyper-V such as Shared Nothing Live Migration and Hyper-V Replica  and new network features such as NIC Teaming and storage features of Storage Spaces. Less PowerPoint more demos."

imageOn the ‘Modern Office Productivity Re-imagined’ session, MVP Tian-An shared that attendees were eager to know more about the availability of Office 2013, “All of them don’t have the opportunity to try out Office 2013 up to the briefing. The attendees were asking where to get them on the trial for Office 2013.”


For MVP Sandeep, his ALM session has helped Microsoft drive the technology awareness and product adoption among the partners. His session provided attendees the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of developer productivity, team collaboration and continuous quality delivery through right set of tools used in the right manner.

“Attendees were very involved during the session as the examples were all real life. They asked questions on Storyboarding, Agile Planning, Feedback tool and automation of intellitrace. Few of the attendees asked about how they can use Code Analysis feature to improve code quality.” said Sandeep as he relates the participants’ responses.

MVP Rene who tag-team with David Chan, also shared that his session on ‘Learn What’s New in Office 365 Partner Models’, helped to increase awareness about the new upcoming version of Office 365 and what it includes.

Overall, the partner event went well with 53% of the attendees indicating that they were very satisfied with the event. Feedbacks were positive, “Event well organized/ Good content/ Impressive presentation/ great location out of CBD with ample parking / great food”.

MVPs’ sessions are:

Track MVPs/Speakers Session Speaker Ratings
PBO 1:
Pre-Sales Deep Dive

System Center Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP Daniel Mar
Technical Evangelist  Richard Qi

Level 300 Partner to Partner:
Changing the Virtualization Landscape with Windows Server 2012

65% very 
  Office System MVP
Tian-An Tan

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Information Worker Business Group Alan Dias

Level 200 Partner to Partner:
Introducing Your Modern Office. Productivity Re-imagined

61% very 

Darren Sim
Program Manager, Desktop Deployment
Victor Wingsing

Level 200 Partner to Partner:
From Windows XP to Windows 8 — Understanding Deployment & Services Opportunities

53% very satisfied

Jeffery Tay
Server & Tools Business Group Lead
Harish Aitharaju

Level 200 Partner to Partner:
Selling Highly Available Hosted Web Farms

53% very satisfied
PBO 3:
ISVs & SI Deep Dive

Visual Studio ALM MVP
Sandeep Joshi

Level 300 Partner to Partner:
Application Lifecycle Management — It’s a Team Sport!

49% very satisfied
  Office 365 MVP
Rene Modery

Level 300 Partner to Partner:
Connecting Office 365 and Windows 8 HTML/JavaScript Apps

50% very satisfied
PBO 5:
Cloud Deep Dive
Office 365 MVP
Rene Modery

Office 365 Solutions Sales Specialist
David Chan

Level 200 Partner to Partner:
Learn What’s New in Office 365 Partner Models

37% very satisfied


Event URL | Download slides




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