Indonesia MVP Helps Broaden Reach of Microsoft Cloud Computing to Palembang

Microsoft believes Cloud computing is a key step toward helping customers achieve better business agility, economics, and user experiences. Microsoft work with businesses to reimagine their IT with the most comprehensive cloud offerings of any vendor (spanning public and private cloud), decades of experience in the enterprise, and over 15 years of offering cloud services to consumers and businesses.

Cloud Computing makes a big impact in today’s IT world, and precisely because of this, MUGI and students from the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Sriwijaya organized a national seminar, ‘Cloud Computing and Microsoft Technology Update for Cloud Computing’ on Oct 13, 2012, which was attended by approximately 250 participants.

In this event, Indonesia Virtual Machine MVP Aprizon Nozyra was invited by the school to deliver a session on cloud management topic with emphasis on System Center 2012 as the latest cloud management in Microsoft technologies.

Aprizon said, “The audience gets updated on Microsoft Cloud Computing technology and also the capability of System Center 2012 in managing private cloud and hybrid cloud computing. This also helps to broaden the reach of Microsoft technologies to the community in Palembang.

Download his slides

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