ECO Advocacy: 3 Philippines MVPs Contributed to 3 KB Articles for October month

As part of our collaboration with the SMC Site Manager Charles Lin, Philippines MVPs were recruited in October to help create content in English language which will be published into the Microsoft Support website. A total of 3 Philippines MVPs (Leo Lorenzo Luis, Jay Pilarta & Sanchez Roman Canlas) have volunteered to help write articles on a monthly basis for this initiative. Read more

For the month of October, we have received 3 articles for this initiative and the first version of the English Language Step by Step articles are now published in SMC. Below are the KB articles written by the MVPs.

Name KB Title
Leo Lorenzo Luis 2770998 An alternative way to create Adorner Layers in Windows 8 App
Jay Pilarta 2771185 Step by Step: File History
Sanchez Canlas Roman 2778991 How-To: User Caller Info Attributes

Thanks to Charles Lin and Kaya Tang for their great support and to the above MVPs for their effort!




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