Let the Magic Unfold! The DevSorcerer Software Developer Reality Show


“We see talented singer giving a chance to sing in X-Factor USA, a chef giving a chance to cook in Iron-Chef America and why can’t a software developer giving a chance to become a superstar?”, that was how Malaysia Developer Security MVP Walter Wong sparked the idea with Microsoft Malaysia Audience Marketing Manager, Navin Danapal, and The DevSorcerer Software Developer Reality Show was born!

This is one-day show tournament, held in Malaysia on October 13, 2012, where developers compete on six challenges covering 3 technologies focus on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Azure Cloud Service. 7 candidates battle against each other in 6 challenges in a day to crown the title of DevSorcerer. The challenges covered areas including:

– Windows Store Application

– Windows Phone 7.5 Application

– Various Contracts in Windows 8

– Bing Map

– Facebook Authentication

– Windows Live Authentication

– Expression Blend

– Windows 8 Live Tiles

– Windows 8 Snap View

– Nokia Place API


Beside the basic challenges, the Judges decided to spice up the show with Extra Challenges such as:

– Code without mouse

– Allows candidates to bring in designer to assist

– Require to code in non-primary programming language such as HTML5 or VB.Net if their primary language is C#

– Bring in the Cosplay talent dress in Sorcerer costume to distract the candidates

Role MVP
Judges Developer Security MVP, Nokia Developer Champion Walter Wong
Visual Basic MVP Wei Min Chan
Expression Blend MVP Daqing Lee
Commentator Visual C# MVP Tim Chew
Host File System MVP Jabez Gan


The team behind the show worked closely with local Designer Community, Sifoo to put together an amazing DevSorcerer Show Youtube Channel which contains interview videos of candidates and judges. There is also a Facebook Event page created to drive the excitement around the show. Furthermore, a local ISV Mobile AdValley sponsored a MS Tag voting system to allows candidate’s supporters to vote for them to become the People Choice’s Award. This event was even highlighted by Nokia Developer Portal.

Held in one of the prime shopping mall in Malaysia – The Garden Mall, this competition attracted a fervent attention from the generic crowd who stopped by and look what developers can do within a day. There were also a lot of enquiries about what kind of application is possible for Windows 8.

Big thanks to all the MVPs and sponsors involved in making the magical DevSorcerer Software Developer Reality Show a great success!




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