Indonesia Microsoft Technology Update Highlights Windows 8 and SQL Azure to 211 Students

Among the many new Microsoft products and technologies, Windows 8 and SQL Azure are the two main topics that were picked to be highlighted at the Microsoft Technology Update held on Nov 5, 2012, with an audience of 211 attendees.

Organized by STMIK Indonesia and MUGI Bangarmasin, the seminar’s theme is to introduce the latest technologies from Microsoft such as Windows 8 and SQL Azure to the students, to broaden their knowledge on what Microsoft has to offer in the technology world today.

Indonesia community influencer Rifqie Rusyadi and Indonesia MVP Suherman STP were  invited to speak and cover the following sessions:

  • Rifqie Rusyadi  – Microsoft Windows 8
  • MVP Suherman – Introducing Microsoft SQL Azure

“Based on my observations it appears that the participants do not know much about SQL Azure and Windows Azure. Of course, with this seminar, it gives the participants a better understanding of these new technologies. Some participants wanted to more of these kind of seminars to be held frequently,  so that they can be always updated about Microsoft products and technologies” quipped Suherman as he shared his thoughts on the event.

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