Philippine Windows Users Group Awesome Feat at Windows Server 2012 Rocks!

The Windows Server 2012 MVP roadshow held from May-August this year was a big success, reaching thousands of people. To continue the momentum and excitement, a second round as part of the launch wave for Windows Server 2012 kicked off on September 4th whereby worldwide MVPs participated in this MVP-led technical presentations on the key technologies/capabilities of Windows Server 2012 to the technical community.

In Philippines, the Windows Server 2012 maiden’s journey began on November 16th, which saw 3 MVPs delivering ~50% of Windows Server 2012 Rocks Community Launch event held in Microsoft Philippines with a total audience reach of 200 IT Pros and covering ‘hot’ topics such as Virtualization; Web (IIS 8); Server 2012 Security; Windows Server 2012 Core; VDI and Access; Management; PowerShell V3 and more. Speaker ratings for the MVPs were awesome with most of them reaching a high 8 out of 9.

Shared MVP John Pierre Delizo who is the primary owner for this launch, “With this Windows Server 2012 Community Launch, we have created awareness and new buzz about cloud and Windows Server 2012. Also for the Philippine Windows Users Group (PHIWUG), we have grown in a steep rate now, from barely reaching 450-480 fluctuating we are now in a steady 540-550 members in facebook. We also had new speakers from the community and regular attendees.”

The speakers include MVPs (John Pierre Delizo, Milo Pacamarra, Adrian Rodriguez), Ren Narvaez, Terence Montanes and Faelmar “Bong” Tanada. 2 other Singapore based Philippines MVPs (Jay-R Barrios and Jay Paloma) also joined in this launch effort from Singapore, helping the team with the technical content and providing advice as well as re-designing the new PHIWUG logo for the community!

Feedback from the attendees were also positive with many commenting that it was a fun event and with its good vibes all around.

– It’s really fun and fruitful to be part of PHIWUG’s events
– Very awesome presentation
– Very informative and well discussed. I hope there will be another event like this again
– The topics that have been discussed are very relevant and can be used in real life
– Please have a frequent security awareness segment (c/o Sir Milo Pacamarra) so that everyone is made aware of the importance of dealing with real world security threat

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