TechNet Wiki Advocacy: 5 Indonesia MVPs contributed to 7 articles in Nov (17th batch)

TechNet Wiki_Pink

In collaboration with International Corp Tiffena Kou, 5 Indonesia MVPs successfully wrote 7 articles in their local language for TechNet Wiki for the month of November.

TechNet Wiki is a platform to share and learn Microsoft products and technologies with the community.

Their articles include:

MVP Article
Office System MVP
Aris Lesmana
· Introduction to Excel Formula – Part 03: Formula Writing Rules
SharePoint Server MVP
Riwut Libinuko
· How to Safely Move Windows Cache Installer in Windows 2003
Ahmad Masykur
· JavaScript Libraries· First Look IIS8 on Windows 8
Office System MVP
Bambang F. Indarto
· Various Ways To Copy Data in Excel 2010· Creating Formulas with Equation Features in Word 2010
Virtual Machine MVP Lutfie Royan · Removing the ISO image file using PowerShell

Thanks Indonesia MVPs for your contributions!



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