Sri Lanka MVP Featured in Sunday Observer Newspaper who helped Deployed Office 365 For Education to The First School in Sri Lanka

Between August to September 2012, Sri Lanka Virtual Machine MVP Kuruwitage Susantha Silva embarked on a project to  promote Office 365 to his school, Prince of Wales’ College, a major school in Moratuwa area which over the years, established its name as a leading school in Sri Lanka.

In these 2 months, Susantha provided awareness about Office 365 for education segment to the Principal and Old Boys Association and he successfully deployed Office 365 to the school and conducted a training for the teachers and students who are the end users. This enablement allows students and teachers to share documents online and access them anywhere and everywhere, be it at home or at school, through their smart phones and internet. It also makes academic learning interesting for them with the ease of using these collaboration tools provided by the Office 365 solution.

Susantha was featured on Nov 25, 2012, in the Sunday Observer newspaper, read by more than 100,000 people in Sri Lanka.

"The Principal and the IT teachers were extremely happy about this and they were the first Sri Lankan school to embrace the Office 365 for education. Students have been giving positive feedbacks and even start publishing articles in the portal. More than 100 students and teachers have benefitted from it through this initial stage, with more students expecting to gain from the the implementation.” quipped Susantha.



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