Thailand MVP Introduces New Features and Shares Tips & Tricks on Excel 2013

Microsoft is adapting with the new world with a sleek interface initiated with Windows 8 and this has carried on to Microsoft Office – Microsoft Excel. Excel 2013 now comes with a fresh design and a decent yet modern splash screen that is faster in loading speed. With the modern feel and easy navigation experience acknowledged, cloud-based services allow documents to be accessed on all devices from the mainframe to the touch-phone.

There are so many new features in Excel 2013 and being the expert in this area, Thailand Excel MVP Santipong Nasui, was among the Excel gurus to deliver a session on “What’s new in Microsoft Excel 2013” and “Excel Tips and Tricks” at an Excel Seminar: Meet and Learn, to share these knowledge with the community.

Held at “The Connection” on Ladprao road, Thailand, on Saturday Dec 22, 2012, this is a full-day seminar with an audience of 40 attendees who usually use Microsoft Excel in their work.

Other Excel speakers at the seminar also shared their experiences such as “PowerPivot”, “Creating excellent form” etc.

“Attendees get to know more about the new features in Microsoft Excel. There are many managers in this meeting who want to change to the new version of Microsoft Office. After this meeting, I think it’s easy for them to make the decision to use Microsoft Office 2013 in their work. I think the attendees in this meeting also share these knowledge to their co-workers” quipped Santipong as he related his feedbacks on the session.

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