Honoring Our SE Asia MVPs in Y2012

As we reflect back on a year filled with many successes that we’ve achieved together, we dug through our archives and managed to come out with a list of our Top 10 achievements for the year. These are precious gems to us and to which these are the things that the SE Asia MVP Team has achieved with the help and support from MVPs and Local office.

With that said (drumroll, please), we are proud to call out the TOP 10 achievements for SEA MVPs:

1. Singapore MVPs Reimagined Windows 8 in ‘8 Things Windows 8 in 8 Languages’

2. TechNet Wiki Team Honors 22 SE Asia MVPs for their Phenomenal Contributions towards TechNet Wiki

3. Campaign ‘Let’s Do Lunch Talk’ introduced to Indonesia and Singapore subs

4. Campaign ‘I’m a Champion for MSDN/TechNet Forums’ kicked off for Indonesia and Thailand

5. Malaysia MVP Wins Hands Down in Windows 8 Style UI Template Challenge

6. 1st Themed Party ‘Mambo Jambo MVP Fantasia Party’ Comes Alive in Singapore

7. Philippines Trio Toured 15 cities in 2 months in the Philippines Community Roadshow

8. Magic Unfolds at the Malaysia DevSorcerer Developer Reality Roadshow

9. Sri Lanka MVP Deploys O365 for his alma mater, making it the first Sri Lanka school to embrace O356 for Education!

10. SEA MVPs Rock in VS2012 and WS2012 Community Launches

VS2012: Philippines, Malaysia

WS2012: Philippines, Singapore & Malaysia


And we couldn’t resist but just felt that we need to add one more great achievement by Thailand MVP and renowned author for the ‘Dummies’ book series Woody Leonhard who has churned out his largest book ever written: 1,080 pages of no-bull, yet fun, coverage of every nook and cranny of ‘Windows 8 All-in-One for Dummies. Now, isn’t that just simply AWESOME!

We hope it’s been a fantastic year for everyone and we look forward to working with all of you in 2013!

The SEA MVP Team would like to thank you all for a great year of accomplishments!

With Love,
SE Asia MVP Team


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