Malaysia MVPs Inculcate Software Developers with Knowledge on Apps For Asia – Redesigning Development

With the launch of an all new program titled “Apps For Asia – Redesigning Development”, software developers, ISVs and startups came together to compete in a national contest for innovative applications that best address the needs of the Asian Development Bank’s members needs.

Aligned with this contest, 6 Microsoft and MVP speakers shared their knowledge and expertise on Microsoft products and technologies in developing applications.

Organized by Microsoft Malaysia DPE Team, led by Technical Evangelist Matthew Khaw, this event was held on Jan 22, 2013 and attracted ~100 attendees.

2 Malaysia MVPs were part of the key speakers at this event:

MVP Session
Developer Security MVP Walter Wong Windows Azure Better Together with Windows 8, Phone 8
Download Slides
Windows Azure MVP
Serena Yeoh
Connected Devices and Continuous Services with Windows Azure
Download Slides


Quoting from Windows Azure MVP Serena as she shared with us on her session: I also gave a few demos on Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Web Sites, Azure Service Bus, Cloud Services and Azure SQL Database. My objective was to help educate the audience on the Windows Azure stack. I demonstrated to them how they can leverage on Windows Azure to gradually move their on-premise applications to the cloud based on their readiness level. I started with talking about IaaS solutions which most admins are familiar with, then moved on to the Service Bus hybrid model. The Service Bus demo was awesome IMHO because I showed the audience how to create a relay from Windows Azure to my server on stage. I finished the presentation with a demonstration of a layered application that is written for on-premise, and ported to Window Azure.”

Event URL | See photos


    SEA MVP Team

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