Philippines MVPs Guide StartUps & ISVs To Build Apps For The Cloud


Microsoft and the Asian Development Bank are collaborating to identify and bring to ISVs and startups, the applications needs of thousands of government agencies, tens of thousands of Asian businesses, and millions of people throughout Asia.

A number of AppsForAsia innovative workshops are held in Australia, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, to help these startups showcase their applications to the massive potential market.

In Philippines, sponsored by Microsoft Philippines and Asian Development Bank, The AppsForAsia Accelerate Lab was held on Feb 9th, 2013.

This is a continuation effort from the previous Asian Development Bank AppsForAsia Briefing Event, in search of the best applications created by the most talented startups to showcase their apps at the 46th Annual Meeting Of The Board of Governors – Asia Development Bank Summit, in Delhi, India.

One of the requirement for selection is for the application to be build on the Cloud (Windows Azure). 3 Philippines MVPs Eduardo Jr.Zabat Lorenzo, Edison Go Tan and Allan Spartacus Mangune were speakers at the event who guided them in this aspect, by giving an introduction on how to develop applications for the cloud including Applications for Mobile, Open Source and ASP.NET.

MVP Session
Eduardo Jr.Zabat Lorenzo
How to develop applications for the cloud focusing on ASP.NET
Allan Spartacus Mangune
How to use Azure mobile services
Windows Azure MVP
Edison Go Tan
How to develop applications for the cloud focusing on Open Source


At the Apps For Asia Accelerated Lab, MVP Eduardo Jr. Zabat Lorenzo also provided consultation to the startups who are having technical roadblocks with their apps, on how to properly architect an ASP.NET application for deployment on Windows Azure.

An audience of 80 people attended the AppsForAsia Briefing Event and Innovation Workshop and 40 people attended the Acceleration Lab.

Sharing about the impact of the lab session, MVP Eduardo said: It can range from totally negative to being a millionaire. Some might be totally dissuaded by the complexity of creating an application for the cloud, and some could possibly be chosen as the "winner". Well, judging from the looks on their faces, and the quality and scope of the questions I got from both within the ‘lecture’ and outside, I would confidently say they are well on their way to creating and deploying their apps to Azure. The best impact I would say, is the BizSpark offering. As it was a common ‘problem’ for attendees, who want to create and deploy an app for Azure, but cannot because the thought it was expensive to get Visual Studio and an Azure subscription.”

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