Singapore MVP Helps University Scale New Heights with Microsoft’s Big Data Vision

March 19th. A major milestone for the National University of Singapore (NUS) (one of the world’s top Universities)! NUS announced on March 19th on the successful implementation of SQL Server 2012 to give employees in its Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT) the ability to run hypotheses and validate IT proposals on a self-service basis.

The port of call is clearly in sight. Jeffery Tay, Associate director of CIT at NUS Singapore who is in charge of the University’s e-Learning system and also a 4 times Singapore ASP.NET/IIS MVP was part of the team that supported and helped drive customer advocacy on what NUS did with respect to big data using Windows Server, IIS, SharePoint, SQL Server and Powerview to the media.

Commented Lavinia Rajaram, Communications and Community Affairs Manager, “Dear Jeffery, on behalf of the team at Microsoft, we’d like to extend our thanks and appreciation for the great support given in helping us drive customer advocacy in the Big Data Campaign event today. We received some good follow through with the press, and the PR team will consolidate all the coverage received from the press event this afternoon for you and team at NUS.”

Added Harish Aitharaju, Server & Tools BG Lead: “Dear Jeffery, thank you for your partnership and collaboration. You have delivered an impressive and impactful story with the media audience. We truly appreciate the time and effort you have put in.”

Press Coverage:


Microsoft Singapore News Centre –



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