ECO Advocacy: 2 Vietnam MVPs contribute 3 articles in Content Creation initiative (Mar batch)

Content Creation_Lime

In collaboration with the ECO team (Jeong Won Oh and Hyunhye Kim) and taking place on a bi-monthly initiative, we are pleased to share that Vietnam MVPs Nguyen Ngoc Thuan and Pham Hong Phuoc have  contributed 3 technical articles to Content Creation project via BEMIS tool.

The articles are now published  in Microsoft Support website for the month of March.

The articles are:


Title in local language

SharePoint Server MVP

Nguyen Ngoc Thuan

KB 2828573 : Managing storage for each site collection in Tenant Mode SharePoint 2013

Office System MVP
Pham Hong Phuoc

KB 2831371 : Troubleshooting Word automatically resize the cell in the table

KB 2831362 : I need to make contents of Word table into text


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