Southeast Asia MVP QuizMaster #1


Do you know about our SE Asia MVPs? Have you been following us closely in our SEAsiaMVP Facebook Page and our SEA MVP Blog?

Southeast Asia MVP QuizMaster is here! Every month, the SEA MVP Team will be running a series of quizzes via the SEAsiaMVP Facebook Fan Page to check out just how well you know about SE Asia MVPs and their activities. If you are a regular follower of our Facebook Page and blog, test your knowledge and bragging rights here. QuizMaster #1

How to submit: Submit your answers to the SEA MVP Team at with Subject heading ‘Answers to QuizMaster #1’ latest by April 24. (Note. This quiz is only opened to all SE Asia MVPs and Local office.)

Prizes and Winners: The first 3 correct submissions will stand to walk away with a bundle of exclusive MVP freebies (include sunshade, coaster & button badges). We will call out the winners in the next issue of QuizMaster! Watch out for this space via our SEAsiaMVP Facebook Page!!



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