Southeast Asia MVPs Joins Worldwide In Leading Windows Azure Bootcamp In Their Local Countries

The Global Windows Azure Bootcamp is a the BIGGEST global MVP-driven roadshows to date. MVPs worldwide offer a full day of Windows Azure training completely for FREE on the same day – April 27, 2013. It was a magnificent reach of a total of 154 speakers, 194 sessions, 7,432 attendees in 96 locations!

This event was sparked off from the idea of Sweden Windows Azure MVP Magnus Martensson, who has written the training kit and hosting all of the content on his site. Using these resources, and with the help of worldwide MVPs to lead the same session in their respective country, the Azure Bootcamp is now by far the largest MVP-led event!

The one day deep dive class focus on developing for Windows Azure, with deep real world experience and a series of labs to practice what you’ve learned.

10 SEA MVPs from Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines join the worldwide movement to lead the Windows Azure Bootcamp in their local countries respectively. They took on roles as the main organizers, speakers and volunteers to run the entire event from technical overview sessions to deep dive labs and Q&A. Not forgetting, with the support from the 7 community influencers and Microsoft office colleagues together with SEA MVP Team, the events were a huge success!





Country Date Organizers/Speakers URL / Reach
April 27

– Windows Azure MVP
Rudy Setyo Purnomo

– Device App Dev MVP
Andri Yadi

– Frans Thamura

Jason Wihardja

– Mochamad Fazar

– Dikdik Fazzarudin

Jakarta, Indonesia Bootcamp
View Photos
Reach: 50 attendees
Singapore April 27
  • – Windows Azure MVP
    Wely Lau
  • – Windows Azure MVP
    K. Mohamed Faizal
  • – Architect Evangelist Hammad Rajjoub
  • – Technical Evangelist Richard Qi
Singapore Bootcamp
View Photos 
Reach: 70 attendees
Makati City, Philippines April 27 – Windows Azure MVP
Michael Delgado Corpuz
Allan Spartacus Mangune
Eduardo Jr.Zabat Lorenzo
– Windows Azure MVP
Edison Go Tan
– Visual Studio ALM MVP Warren Yu
– Visual C# MVP
Jacinto Jr. Alarcon Limjap
– Enterprise Evangelist
Arnie Locsin
Makati City, Philippines Bootcamp
Reach: 72 attendees

Event URL | Facebook | Twitter


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