TechNet Wiki Advocacy: 1 Thailand MVP contributed 7 articles in Jul (14th batch)

TechNet Wiki_Lime

We are pleased to share that Thailand MVP Somkiat Foongkiat successfully wrote 7 technical articles in local language for TechNet Wiki in the month of July. These articles are Tips and Tricks, How-To, Knowledge-Sharing articles on Microsoft products and technologies for anyone who wants to learn more. They are published in the TechNet Wiki site.

TechNet Wiki is a platform to share and learn Microsoft products and technologies with the community.

His articles include:



Excel MVP
Somkiat Foongkiat

· Making Useful Traps In Excel Input Table
· 4+1 ways for Excel Dynamic Range
· Steps in creating Excel Tables
· Key questions before making Excel assignment
· Don’t use Excel to damage the world
· First group of Excel tables to build
· Flat data table for management users

Thanks to Tiffena for your support and Somkiat for your contributions!


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