Written By Indonesia MVP: The First ASP.NET MVC E-Book From SE Asia To Be Featured In Microsoft TechNet Gallery

It is now live in Bahasa Indonesia language! It is the first e-book coming from SE Asia! Localized by Indonesia ASP.NET/IIS MVP M Reza Faisal, the ASP.NET documentation of Creating an Entity Framework Data Model for an ASP.NET MVC Application is now published in TechNet E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Technologies. Read up about it and … Continue reading

EBook: Pocket Reference: Netduino For Beginners – Available Now In Kindle Version!

Hot from the Oven! Published by PE Press, the Pocket Reference: Netduino for Beginner ebook was released on May 16, 2013, written by Indonesia Visual C# MVP Agus Kurniawan. With about a week old, the book has garnered ~10 downloads so far. Ranked among Amazon Best Sellers at #583,891 the 5-chapter bite-size content book gets … Continue reading

Indonesia MVP Publishes E-Book On ‘Introduction to Excel Formula’ In Bahasa Indonesia Language

Indonesia Office System MVP Aris Lesmana has published an e-Book written in Bahasa Indonesia language for the Indonesian community! Aris told us that in Indonesia, not all people especially students have an "always on" internet connection, and that is what motivates him to  write a FREE ebook based on his recent article series in TechNet … Continue reading

Philippines MVP publishes first E-book on ‘Developing Apps in Windows 8’ in dual languages (Filipino & English)

Philippines Visual C# MVP Leo Lorenzo Luis has published his first e-Book written in both Filipino and English Language for the Philippines community! His plain motivation to write this book was simple – to encourage other developers to write books in their own native language. Now, isn’t that a wonderful reason to celebrate! Download link: … Continue reading

EBook: Configuring & Installing Windows Server 2012

Need some help to get started and install Windows Server 2012? Read this easy and simple step-by-step book, written in Bahasa Indonesia by Indonesia Windows Expert IT Pro MVP Tutang MM. Consisting of 9 sections with 72 pages,  it describes the advantages of Windows Server 2012, the installation process, GPO, Local Security Policy, Hyper-V and … Continue reading

Ebook: Create Applications For Windows 8

Are you planning to create applications for Windows 8? Read this free ebook “Create applications for Windows 8” (Membuat Aplikasi Untuk Windows 8), written in Bahasa Indonesia by Indonesia Visual C# MVP Puja Pramudya. See his blog post to download the book: http://pujalabs.net/2013/02/free-ebook-membuat-aplikasi-untuk-windows-8/ English version of the book will be coming soon! Cheers, SEA MVP … Continue reading

Singapore MVP wrote 76-pages Windows 7 End-User Support Guide Book for Community!

Singapore Directory Services MVP Sainath K.E.V wrote and published a 76-pages ebook titled “End-User guide for Windows 7 Operating System”, sharing his knowledge and experience on Windows 7 operating system with others in the community. This ebook provides a step-by-step guide to assist Users, Desktop Engineers, Support Engineers and Windows 7 Deployment Engineers to understand … Continue reading

Indonesia MVP authors Free E-book on Windows Server 2008 benefiting the Community

Indonesia Windows Expert IT Pro MVP Andik Susilo is the author behind the Free E-book “Pengenalan Windows Server 2008” Volume 1, that was made available to the Indonesia community. In this E-book, Andik discussed on the following materials: – Windows 2008 R2 Requirements – Initial Configuration Task – Active Directory – DHCP Server – Organization … Continue reading

10 New eBooks for IT Pro Indonesia – Mantabs!

Great effort by the Indonesia MVPs and WSS-ID leader as they wrote and released 10 free ebooks (in Bahasa) for the community! Check out the ebooks (in Bahasa) by the Indonesia MVPs – Tutang MM, Bobby Zulkarnain, Lutfie Royan, Suherman STP, Kiki Noviandi, Agusto Xaverius, Sony Setiawan and Slamet Raharjo and Windows Server System Indonesia … Continue reading

Indonesia MVP Writes 110 Page E-book on Windows Server 2008

Indonesia Windows Expert IT Pro MVP Tutang MM has written a 110 page e-book on Windows Server 2008. This e-book provides a good overview and introduction of GPO, Security, Server Core etc which is easy to understand for all reader levels. Download the e-book here. Cheers, SEA MVP Team