Indonesia MVPs Build the World with Imagination

Jan 21st, 2012. 3 Indonesia MVPs (M Reza Faisal, Andri Yadi and Firstman Roniaga Marpaung) were invited speakers to ‘Develop Our World with MUGI, Nokia. Ice and Agate – Grasp and build the outside world with Imagination’, at the University of Pasundan, reaching out to 100 attendees. Their sessions include: Building Backend Service for Mobile … Continue reading

Indonesia MVPs speak at the ‘Microsoft Technology Update 4.0’ to Students

Jan 14th, 2012. 5 Indonesia MVPs (Bobby I Zulkarnain, M Reza Faisal, Bambang F Indarto, Raddini Rahayu and Puja Pramudya) were invited to speak at the ‘Microsoft Technology Update 4.0’ with the students of the Politeknik Pos Indonesia, Bandung City, West Java. The MVPs and sessions include: MVP Session Directory Services MVP Bobby I Zulkarnain … Continue reading

Duo-Team MVPs Reached out to 750 audiences in Mobile Development Day

March 26th, 2011. Duo-Team Indonesia MVPs (Firstman and Aprizon) were invited to “Mobile Development Day” at Univerisitas Putera Indonesia Padang, West Sumatera. This event was supported by Microsoft User Group Indonesia Chapter Padang and Nokia Indonesia. Their sessions include: – Mobile Development Opportunities by MVP Firstman (Download his slides here.) – Introducing Microsoft System Center … Continue reading

Indonesia MVP was Guest Lecturer sharing on Mobile Development to 170 students!

March 11th, 2011. Indonesia Windows Phone MVP Firstman Roniaga Marpaung was invited as Guest Lecturer in One Of Biggest Universities in Bandung to share a session on Mobile Development Opportunity, reaching out to ~170 attendees. Download his slides here. Cheers, SEA MVP Team

Jumpstart into Mobile Development with Indonesia MVP

Organized by Bandung Institute of Technology students majoring in Informatics Engineering, Arkavidia 2.0 seminar was held on February 19th, 2011. Indonesia VSTO MVP Andri Yadi was invited to this event to deliver a talk sharing about how to jumpstart into mobile development in several mobile platforms: Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Symbian, Android, and iOS. The … Continue reading