Deep Dive Into XNA C#

Thanks to Singapore XNA/DirectX MVP Uditha Sampath Bandara, for delivering a 4-days XNA C# Game Development Training workshop for the software and game developers in Malaysia. The training reached out to ~8 attendees. Read more Cheers, SEA MVP Team

AI Game Programming for Beginners – Available now in Print and Kindle version!

Check out this 174 pages, 5 Chapter ebook on ‘AI Game Programming for Beginners’ written by Sri Lanka MVP Uditha Bandara which is now available in both print and kindle version! Cheers, SEA MVP Team

XNA Game Development for Beginners Starts Here!

Keen to learn the basics of XNA game development within the shortest timeframe? Check out the below video training about XNA Game Development for beginners created by Sri Lanka XNA/DirectX guru Uditha Sampath Bandara. This video is divided into 7 lectures which cover the fundamentals of video game and game programing, introduction to the Microsoft … Continue reading

XNA Guru Imparts Windows 8 Development Skills in Singapore

Apps are at the center of the Windows 8 experience. To the Developers, Windows 8 represents the most significant platform opportunity available for you to reach millions of people with your amazing Windows Store apps. With the guidance from experts, rights skills and code assets, you can create Windows Store apps to the world. One … Continue reading

Sri Lanka MVP Opens the World on ‘XNA Game Development for Beginners’

Currently in the market, there are only a few books on Microsoft game development technologies. Sri Lanka XNA/Direct X MVP Uditha Bandara decided to write a book on ‘XNA Game Development’ to address the many queries and concerns on XNA Game Development for beginners. Visit Uditha’s profile in Amazon. This 74 page book titled ‘XNA Game Development … Continue reading

MVPs WOW 1500 attendees at Microsoft Tech Days Hong Kong 2012

Mar 5th – 7th, 2012. Organized by Microsoft Hong Kong, 2 SE Asia MVPs (Walter Wong and Uditha Sampath Bandara) were invited to speak at the Microsoft Tech Days 2012, held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. This event was attended by 1,500 people. The MVPs and their sessions include: MVP Session Malaysia … Continue reading

Grand Thef Auto III 10th Anniversary Edition comes to Smartphones

The 10th anniversary of Grand Thef Auto III has arrived for Smartphones! Check out this review published in Digital Life by Singapore Xbox MVP Mohd Nizam. Cheers, SEA MVP Team

XNA Guru delivers Windows Phone 7 Workshop in Sri Lanka

Jan 27th, 2012. Sri Lanka XNA/DirectX MVP Uditha Sampath Bandara delivered a Windows Phone 7 Workshop at Microsoft Sri Lanka, reaching out to 30 students. Read more Cheers, SEA MVP Team

XNA Game Development (Part 3) by Sri Lanka XNA/Direct X Guru

Sri Lanka XNA/DirectX MVP Uditha Bandara has created the Part 3 series of XNA Videos for beginners to learn about XNA Game development. You can also view XNA Video Series – Part 1, Part 2 Cheers, SEA MVP Team  

XNA/DirectX MVP spoke at NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2011, reaching 700 attendees

Nov 11th – 12th, 2011. Sri Lanka XNA/DirectX MVP Uditha Sampath Bandara was invited by Microsoft India to speak at the NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2011 held in Pune ,INDIA. He delivered a session on ‘Next-Gen Games on Microsoft Windows Phone 7’. This conference reached out to ~700 attendees, including lecturers, students and game developers. … Continue reading