EWS Apprentice for Dec 2010 – An Unbelievable Feat by SE Asia MVPs!!!

As 2010 comes to a close, the fact that SE Asia MVPs have managed to submit 311 EWSes in 12 months is fast sinking in. It is only when you take stock of your achievements that you can have a better understanding of what has been accomplished. For your record, SE Asia MVP has had … Continue reading

Announcing our Early Warning Signals (EWS) Apprentices for November 2010

For the month of November, a total of 5 SEA MVPs have submitted a total of 12 EWSes. Kudos for this great effort again! As Y2011 is just a stone throwaway and as we all moved into the ‘vacation mood’, let’s pump up the volume a bit and see how far SEA MVPs can go … Continue reading

Announcing our Early Warning Signals (EWS) Apprentice for October 2010

A great effort by 4 SEA MVPs as a total of 21 EWSes was submitted for the month of October 2010! As we have 2 more months to go before we bid Y2010 farewell – let’s all take the first step to help Microsoft improve product quality and customers experiences by submitting your first EWS. … Continue reading

Announcing Our Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentices for September 2010

A great effort by our 4 musketeers for the month of September who helped contribute to a total of 26 EWSes, once again topping the WW EWS chart for an astonishing NINE consecutive months! Having said that, numbers are secondary, what is more important is that SEA MVPs are taking that very first step to help … Continue reading

Announcing Our Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentices for August 2010

Another great feat by 10 SEA MVPs as we submitted a total of 37 EWSes for the month of August! It is heartening to see many more coming forward to share new issues each month. I look forward to even greater support from the wider SEA MVP community to step forward to help Microsoft identity … Continue reading

Announcing Our Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentices for July 2010

SMILES abound as we saw 14 SEA MVPs submitting a total of 39 EWSes for the month of July and yes, once again topping the chart for the 7 consecutive months! Do give yourself a well-deserved pat on your shoulders for the inspiration and energy you have always been! Let’s make sure that we keep … Continue reading

Announcing Our Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentices for June 2010

Magnificent! We are off to a good start in FY11 (Microsoft’s new fiscal year) with a slew of good news.  Hats off to our SEA MVPs who have produced yet another impressive and superb report card for the month of June, with a total of 29 EWSes (out of the 30 submitted worldwide), submitted by … Continue reading

Announcing our May 2010 Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentice

Hello Southeast Asia MVPs,     SEA MVPs never fails to amaze!   Last month, we called out for more warriors to step up and join our winning league of EWS Apprentice and make a difference to the community by helping Microsoft to identify key problems, discussions, or trends stirring within the community of which … Continue reading

Announcing our April 2010 Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentice

Good-day Southeast Asia MVPs,   April was a victorious month for our SEA EWS Apprentices who scaled yet another higher mountain!   This month, 10 EWS contenders got together and broke our highest record, reaching an all-time high of 31 EWSes (previous highest record for SEA was 29 EWSes). Another astounding statistic to share, we … Continue reading

Announcing our March 2010 Early Warning Signal (EWS) Apprentice

Hello SEA MVPs,   What a marvelous month of March! Once again, we are proud to proclaim that WE DID IT AGAIN!! This month, our SEA MVPs had proven their mettle and produced another record breaking result. We have a whopping 29 EWSes (~70%) submitted in total (out of the 41 EWSes submitted worldwide), which … Continue reading